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David Bashford   303.376.3713

Range /’rānj/: 2n the direction or position in which something lies.

Like a corporate general counsel, David helps
private companies with the business of business.  Ownership. Capitalization. Intellectual Property.
Mergers and Acquisitions. Contracts. Training.

It starts with a client asking, "How do I..."
David, using the law as a tool, crafts the answer.

Cynthia Coleman    303.376.3701


Range /'rānj/: 3n the area of variation between upper and lower limits on a particular scale.

Cindy guides HR directors through the complexities of labor, employment & benefits law.

She keeps her eyes trained on regulatory changes and helps our clients navigate through every stage of the employment process.

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Cindy Hurney   303.376.3707

Range /’rānj/: 4v cover or embrace a wide number of different topics.

 Cindy connects our clients with our business functions & enables our optimization of technology.

She serves as Chief Operating Officer of PILOT, our founder-owned management services company. 

Eric Jaworski    303.376.3716


Range /'rānj/: 5n one of the north-south rows of townships in a public-land survey.

Eric collaborates with our clients on their land use, construction, and real estate projects.

He goes to bat for entrepreneurs in everything from negotiations to lawsuits.  

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Amy Knight    303.376.3715

Range /’rānj/: 6n a set of different things of the same general type.

Against a backdrop of stress, noise & challenge, Amy calmly guides our clients in forming their businesses.

She also serves as Chief Administrative Officer of PILOT, where she assists emerging companies with reporting and compliance requirements. 

Kevin Paul          303.376.3704


Range /’rānj/: 7n a large area of open land for grazing; 8vto travel over a wide area.

Kevin assists public and private sector employers, from towns & cities to hi-techs & farms, with everything from hiring to retiring. 

He negotiates deals, crafts legislation, and knows his way around a courtroom.

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